Dayton Denies Telling Anyone To Buy Pot Illegally

Updated: 03/28/2014 7:16 PM By: Tom Hauser

Governor Dayton flatly denies he told supporters of medical marijuana they might have to buy it "off the street." 

When asked whether he said that during a meeting with medical marijuana supporters, the governor simply said, "no." When asked why they would say he did, Dayton said, "I don't know. I've said all I'm going to say about medical marijuana. You have a statement, you've asked questions, I gave another statement. I'm just not going to talk about it any further."

The woman who first revealed the alleged conversation told me today she stands by her story. "I think it's disappointing, but I guess I'm not surprised he would deny saying something like that," says Jessica Hauser of Woodbury. "He's implying I was lying and I have nothing to gain by lying."

Another man who was in the meeting, Jeremy Pauling, backs up Hauser's story. "Yes, he did say that in the meeting," Pauling says, adding that at least seven or eight other people also heard it.