At Issue: Medical Marijuana Controversy, MNsure Enrollment Surpasses Goal

Updated: 03/31/2014 5:13 PM By: Heidi Enninga

In this week's edition of At Issue, host Tom Hauser takes an in-depth look at the local political issues that affect you.

Monday, March 31, is the deadline for Minnesotans to enroll in MNsure to avoid a financial penalty, so Gov. Mark Dayton declared Friday, March 28, "MNsure Enrollment Day" to help the process along.

MNsure reported that 145,000 Minnesotans have signed up so far, which is higher than their goal of 135,000. MNsure officials said they will also grant an extension to anyone who tries to enroll by Monday.

The debate surrounding the legalization of medical marijuana in the state now focuses on a showdown between parent advocates for medical marijuana and Gov. Dayton. A series of press conferences held last week had both sides giving their take on the debate, including responding to comments Gov. Dayton allegedly made to parents suggesting they buy marijuana on the streets.

In Political Analysis, Ember Reichgott Junge, former DFL state senator and Laura Brod, a Republican political analyst, discussed the governor's handling of the medical marijuana debate and the controversial new capitol office building.

In Face Off, Brian McDaniel, a Republican strategist and Matt Entenza, former DFL house minority leader, talked about MNsure enrollment and the minimum wage debate.