After Frustration With MNsure, Customers Finally Get Coverage

Updated: 04/11/2014 5:46 PM By: Tom Hauser

Their stories filled television newscasts and newspaper stories from October through January.  In some cases that's how long it took for people to successfully apply for and get health insurance coverage through MNSure. 

"All the pressure and everything I was going through to get my health insurance, it was horrible," says Terri Jacobson of New Prague. "But you know what? I'm so happy."

Jacobson is happy because after a three-month ordeal trying to sign up for health insurance through MNSure, she finally got it just before her previous insurance expired Dec. 31. Her ordeal included having to start the application process over from scratch three times.  

"I had to be persistent," she says. "I didn't care if I was angry. I had to be patient until it was done. And I'm proud of myself for sticking with it when I didn't want to and I feel bad for those still trying."

Jacobson and others in her situation finally got the help they needed after MNsure beefed up its call center operation and consultants were called in to help work out glitches in the website.