Light Rail Crash Drill Takes Place on Green Line

Updated: 04/07/2014 5:56 AM By: Leslie Dyste

Photo: Photo: Metropolitan Council

The grand opening of the new light rail line, the Green Line, is a little more than two months away but Sunday there was already some action on the rails.

Metro Transit, along with St. Paul police officers and firefighters simulated an injury crash between a light rail train and a van at University and Raymond avenues in St. Paul.

The agencies have been working for months on emergency plans and on Sunday they put them to use.

Construction of the green line is essentially complete, but training will continue until it opens June 14.

"Between now and then, there's going to be testing of the line with rail operators, so some 50 rail operators are being tested on these trains on this line. There's also systems testing to make sure that everything's functioning properly," said John Siqveland with Metro Transit.

Metro Transit will hold several more simulations in the coming months.

Transit officials previously conducted a full-scale derailment exercise for the Green Line near the University of Minnesota earlier in March.