Coyotes Caught on Camera in Bloomington

Updated: 04/07/2014 5:54 AM By: Beth McDonough

The Bloomington Police Department is sending out letters to 15,000 residents warning them of coyote sightings in a west side neighborhood near Hyland Park Reserve.

That's after residents along Maryland Road reported seeing three coyotes on the same day in a wooded area behind their homes.

A coyote got close enough to David Lee's home to capture it on camera, "I've never seen anything like this happen before." His neighbor Les Koob says, "they're not timid like they used to be or afraid, they have a tendency to hang around, they're not afraid of people anymore."

Lee is worried about people and pets like his dog Bella who lives to play outside, "the first thing that went through my mind is I don't want to leave her on a leash anymore because who knows what could happen if they come right through our backyard here."

Lee says he watched a coyote chase down a neighbor's dog. He says it was able to get away.

The DNR told KSTP coyotes are opportunistic - they see small pets as easy prey.

The DNR says pups are born in April, which might explain why coyotes are showing up in the area, perhaps protecting their dens. Plus, coyotes are attracted to compost, where rodents hide. 

Read tips from the City of Bloomington and the DNR on how to protect your family and pets from urban coyotes here.