Dayton Accuses MNsure's GOP Critics of 'Farce'

Updated: 04/08/2014 10:28 PM By: Cassie Hart

Photo: KSTP/File
Photo: KSTP/File

Gov. Mark Dayton has lashed out at critics of Minnesota's health insurance exchange, accusing them of waging a propaganda campaign to destroy it.
The Democratic governor spoke to reporters after GOP members of a legislative oversight committee said they wanted to use a hearing Wednesday to raise questions about the troubled launch of MNsure last October.
Dayton called that a "farce." Rather than focus on what happened six months ago, he says, the important thing is that over 175,000 Minnesotans used MNsure to get health coverage, including many who didn't have it before.
GOP Reps. Tara Mack and Joe Hoppe responded with a statement saying the oversight committee isn't a farce, it's the law. They say the exchange wasn't ready for consumers, and that more oversight is needed, not less.

In polling conducted exclusively for KSTP-TV in Minneapolis St Paul, SurveyUSA asked Minnesota registered to vote about MNsure, Obamacare and the minimum wage.

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