Signs of Spring: Warmest Day in 6 Months

Updated: 04/10/2014 5:26 AM By: Leslie Dyste

Swans on some open water near Bemidji
Swans on some open water near Bemidji
Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Ranae Breyen

It was the warmest day in Minnesota in six months on Wednesday.

We hit 70 degrees Wednesday afternoon. meteorologist Dave Dahl says the last time we saw temperatures that high was back on Oct. 11.

As a sign of spring, golf courses are opening up across the state. At Stone Bridge Golf Course in Shakopee on Tuesday, 150 golfers walked in for opening day. At least another 25 area courses and practice facilities are set to open Wednesday, and it couldn’t be a more perfect day for it.

Restaurant owners are eager to open their outdoor patios for Minnesotans who want to soak up as much sunshine as possible.

Dave says unfortunately there's a bad side to an otherwise perfect day. The strong southwest winds that are helping the temperature rise, are also creating a very high fire danger across southwestern Minnesota. Dry conditions coupled with those strong winds could rapidly spread a fire if one does get started.

As you probably suspected, Dave says the warm air won’t stick around long as a slight cooling trend moves in Thursday. A more significant cool-down is on the way for late Saturday night into Sunday. Temperatures in the 40s are right back in the forecast for Sunday.

Each time the air cools off, there will be some scattered showers and even some thunderstorms at times. The first wave of showers is on the way late Wednesday and very early Thursday, and they should clear by sunrise.

Dave says the next and more impressive batch of rain will come later Friday night and Saturday with a scattering of thunderstorms and showers developing.

A midweek warming trend is likely next week, and temperatures should rise to at least 60 degrees by Wednesday.

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