Warmer Weather Means Fun in the Sun for Minnesotans

Updated: 04/10/2014 6:16 AM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

Most Minnesotans welcomed the warmer weather Wednesday with open arms.

KSTP caught up with Amanda Larson, who was happy to celebrate her birthday with some warmer temperatures.

Her friends got reservations at Muffuletta Restaurant in St. Paul. But Larson has big plans this weekend she wouldn't mind canceling. "I would actually rather stay here than go to Vegas this weekend because it's going to be much hotter, and I love this weekend," she said.

Larson's friends were hoping for good weather for the lunch. "When I made the reservations they laughed, they thought it was funny and I said, let's be optimistic and here we are. We're the first ones on the outside patio for the season," Sue Robinson said.

The seven-day forecast has the Twin Cities in the sixties the rest of the week. So you can understand why people want to be outside.

Kids are out on the playground, some are wearing t-shirts and moms are out walking with their kids in strollers. It is getting hot and Larson, like many Minnesotans, loves the change.

"This is the first day we've been able to be outside longer than 30 seconds and not freeze," she said.