On the Road: Theme House of Parkers Prairie

Created: 04/09/2014 4:14 PM KSTP.com By: Jason Davis

For decades, 82-year-old Angie Overseth had a summer long garage sale at her little home in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota.

She sold a lot of items and she also saved a lot stuff to decorate her home.

Today she lives in what she calls "A Museum,” a house full of bric-a-brac that she has organized into a sort of trip-around-the-world.

The living room is packed with all things European, old posters and pictures places like of Italy and France, heaps of artificial grapes and little souvenirs from the continent. Never mind that Angie has never traveled further than California, her home is a trip.

Her bedroom is what she call "romantic". Walls covered with all kinds of pictures of lovely ladies and handsome men. Dolls of all shapes and sizes and frilly lamps fill every space.

Angie, who loves to sit in her gingerbread themed kitchen smoking her pipe, said she would love to share her collections with anyone who would care to come by. But, despite posting notices in local businesses advertising her perpetual open house, nobody seems to be interested.