Neighbors Rush to Help after Scott Co. House Struck by Lightning

Updated: 04/14/2014 7:07 AM By: Tim Sherno

Photo: Photo: KSTP

A sleepy Saturday morning turned into a desperate dash for a family to save what they could from their burning home.

Lisa Horsman says she was watching the lightning early Saturday morning in her home in New Market when, moments later, a bolt struck an exterior wall just a few feet from where she was standing.

"The cords came out of the outlets, the recessed lights blew out, pictures flew off the walls," Horsman said.

Her husband, Dewey, was sleeping at the time but woke up to what he described as the loudest sound he's ever heard.

"I woke up and was wondering if that was a dream or if that was real," he said.

Dewey Horsman says he checked the back of the house, then ran to the front of the house where he saw neighbors running towards him. Horsman says he asked if his home was on fire and was told "yes."

Horsman says he ran back into the home: "We're on fire! Everybody grab what you can!"

The Horsmans say neighbors sprang into action, helping the family remove as many items from the home as possible, and they're both grateful.

"I just want to say thanks very very much to all the neighbors, every single one of them," they said.

The family says they've been renting the home for 2 1/2 years and do not have renter's insurance, but they quickly point out that they have a place to live and that no-one was hurt.

Dewey Horsman summarizes the family's good fortune with a smile, saying, "Maybe we should go buy a lottery ticket."