4 Years After Daughter's Killing St. Paul Family Asks Public for Help

Updated: 04/24/2014 10:24 PM KSTP.com By: Josh Rosenthal

Four years ago, someone killed 25-year-old Heidi Firkus. Her family and police are still trying to figure out who did it.

"It's certainly the biggest challenge we've ever faced," Heidi Firkus’ mom, Linda Erickson, said. Her father, John Erickson, added, "It’s been difficult because of the way Heidi was taken."

Early on Sunday, April 25, 2010, Heidi was shot inside her own home. Her Husband, Nick Firkus, was also shot but survived. Nick Firkus told police he struggled with someone who had broken in, and the shots were fired during that struggle.

Soon, the Erickson family found out there was more to the story. According to a search warrant, the couple was in financial trouble. It says Heidi didn't know they were being evicted from their house the next day. Then later in 2010, according to police, Nick Firkus told them to stop calling.

"I would say that's a little bit more abnormal than we typically deal with," explained St. Paul Police Sgt. Jake Peterson. He says police now need a break in the case, and they think the break could come from another conversation with Nick Firkus.

"We know there's someone out there, at least one person if not more, that knows exactly what happened and we are hoping that that person or someone else will come forward and help us with this case," Peterson said.

We hoped to talk to Nick Firkus too. We didn't have any luck with two different addresses or a phone number we found listed for him. So far, he hasn't replied to a Facebook message we sent to him either.

Police are not calling Nick Firkus a suspect, but they are saying they want to talk to him - or to anyone else - who knows what happened.

"We're asking people to come forward and do the right thing, to look at themselves in the mirror and decide that this is something that needs to be done," Sgt. Jim Gray said.

As Linda Erickson put it, "Just the loss of our daughter alone is something that's going to be with us forever, but there's these other layers to that that we're hoping to get some relief from."

The Erickson family says they no longer keep in touch with Nick Firkus. They didn't know where we could find him either.

If you know anything about this incident - even if you think it's just a small, even insignificant detail - St. Paul Police want to hear from you. You can reach them at 651-266-5650. You can also submit an anonymous report to crime stoppers by calling or texting 1-800-222-TIPS.