Constant Rain Causes Leaks for Homeowners Across the Metro

Updated: 05/01/2014 6:11 AM By: Todd Wilson

Matt Dlouhy of Roofs-R-Us in St. Paul pulls up to his next job, a leaky roof.

Quickly, one of his guys lays out a tarp. A ladder is up, and the crew is hard at work. Dlouhy says the problem started with poor instillation of a reglet.

"That flashing had actually popped out over the winter, and so the rain was running right behind it, so we're going to replace it."

Dlouhy shows the homeowner, April Estes, what his crew has done so far. She says Sunday is when she noticed she had a leak. The leaking forced her to put out a bucket and several pots and pans.

"Well, it had big bubbles everywhere. And then all of a sudden later that evening one of them broke and the water started coming down," Estes said.

Dlouhy says the job will cost Estes around $400. He says they've been busy.

"Between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday night, when we had all the driving sideways rain, we had 134 calls for roof leaks much like this one," he said.

Dlouhy says he's walked into places where there was nothing but a drip to entire ceilings on the floor. He says the important thing is to get the leak fixed quickly.

"Just a little bit of water can cause a lot of damage. It can cause mold, mildew, health hazards to the family," he said.