Legislature Takes on Bonding, Marijuana and E-Cig Bills at Capitol Monday

Updated: 05/05/2014 3:11 PM KSTP.com By: Nick Tabbert

Photo: KSTP/File
Photo: KSTP/File

The Minnesota State Capitol was busy Monday with progress being made on three major bills in the senate.

The Minnesota Senate released information on its proposed bonding bill, with plans to allocate over $1 billion to publicly-backed construction projects.

The capitol investment is one of three versions at the Capitol. The Minnesota House and Gov. Mark Dayton each proposed their own earlier this year.

The Senate also moved forward with its version of a medical marijuana bill.

The bill, proposed by Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, would prohibit users from smoking the drug, but the latest House version would allow medical marijuana in the form of a pill, oil, or other extracts as part of clinical trials.

The Finance Committee voted to approve the bill, 14-7, with some modifications. It's next stop is the Senate floor.

The Senate Finance Committee also voted to tighten regulations on e-cigarettes. The bill would tighten regulations, banning the sale of them to minors and making them illegal on school grounds, and prevent vending machine sales in most cases.

It passed 11-8. A similar bill is also working its way through the House.