MNsure Steps Up, Helps Family in Limbo

Updated: 05/06/2014 12:15 PM By: Jay Kolls

MNsure is trying to help a southern Minnesota family that's caught in a paperwork gridlock.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS on Monday first reported Aaron and Beth Croes were stuck in a weird predicament after they tried applying for health insurance through MNsure and the state's new health exchange program.

Beth Croes says she filled out an application and was told the family did not qualify for health coverage through public programs because there were seven people in her family and the family's income exceeded $70,000 per year. But, the Croes' household income is in the neighborhood of $40,000, which would qualify for Minnesota Care (MinnCare). Under the MinnCare program low-income working families pay a lower monthly premium to get health coverage.

Then, Croes says, a MNsure representative told the family they had checked a box on the application indicating they already had health insurance which also disqualified them for coverage. But, the Croes say they checked the box because Aaron does have insurance through a private insurer, not his employer. Croes says the box should be checked only if you have insurance through your place of employment. All of this has led to frustration for the Croes family, because their current monthly premium for health coverage is $430 per month, and they were hoping to get a smaller payment through MNsure's public options.

MNsure has been very quick to respond to the needs of the Croes. They have already contacted the family and have stated they will work with the family to fix their case and help them find the best health care plan through the exchange. The Croes family tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they are extremely happy MNsure has reached out to them and is anxious to get it resolved and find affordable health care under the state's new exchange program.