Waseca Teen Accused of Planning School Attack Could be Charged as an Adult

Updated: 05/12/2014 6:15 AM KSTP.com By: Cassie Hart

Photo: John La Due/ Facebook
Photo: John La Due/ Facebook

The teen arrested last month and accused of plotting to kill his family is expected to learn Monday if he will be charged as an adult.

Seventeen-year-old John La Due was charged in juvenile court with four counts of attempted first-degree murder, six counts of possessing explosive devices and two counts of first-degree criminal damage to property. The juvenile petition alleges he obtained weapons and explosives with the intent to kill his father, mother, sister and a school liaison officer.

Police say he was planning to go on a Columbine-style rampage at Waseca Junior and Senior High School before being killed by responding officers. A journal found at the teen's home outlined the attack in great detail, police say.

More than five handguns and assault rifles were found in the teen's bedroom along with explosive devices and ammunition, a source close to the investigation told KSTP. More devices and chemicals were found in the storage locker where he had recently started taking his arsenal in preparation of the assault, the source tells KSTP.

Three small explosive devices were also found on the Hartley Elementary School playground in March. Two of them were found detonated, one of which was found inside a toy. The third explosive failed to ignite.