Health Experts: Getting Kids in the Garden Can Encourage Healthy Eating

Updated: 05/26/2014 6:50 PM By: Cassie Hart

Memorial Day weekend is typically a good time to work in your garden.

Gardening can also be just as fun for kids as it is for you. Health experts suggest that getting them involved in the process can also encourage kids to eat healthy.

If kids help with planting they'll be even more excited to try the foods they help grow, health experts say.

You can even stress the fact that they get to play in the dirt.

Pediatricians say kids get extra excited if you allow them to make the space their own by putting up a sign or colored rocks to decorate.

If your yard is limited, you can try something as simple as potted plants or an herb garden.

Another option is to take your kids to one of the more than 200 community gardens in the metro. See a directory here.