'Unsession' Undoes more than 1,000 Outmoded Laws

Updated: 05/27/2014 8:19 PM KSTP.com

Gov. Dayton speaks about the
Gov. Dayton speaks about the
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Gov. Mark Dayton says Minnesotans will find life simpler after a so-called "Unsession" that wiped more than 1,000 outdated laws off the books.
1,175 laws, to be exact.
Dayton and other administration officials gave a scorecard Tuesday on their efforts to purge outdated laws. Tony Sertich, commissioner of the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board, was Dayton's point man on the effort. Sertich said Minnesotans should notice better customer service when they deal with state government.
Sertich says they'll save time and money, too.
Many changes might be seen as trivial, such as one that eliminated a misdemeanor charge for someone who carries fruit in an illegal-sized container.

The bill also eliminated a law making it illegal to drive in "neutral." The bill had been on the books since 1937.

Lawmakers opted to keep one seemingly unproductive bill on the books. The Commissioner of Agriculture is still required to capture a wild boar. Sertich said he was jokingly considering setting one loose in the metro to see if Commissioner Dave Fredrickson could catch it.

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