Top Goodhue Co. Official Faces Sexual Harassment Complaint

Updated: 05/30/2014 7:40 AM By: Jay Kolls

The head of the Goodhue County Veterans Services Office faces an allegation of sexual harassment -- and this is not the first time.

Heidi Krause says she filed the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Krause tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that "after 14 years working in the Veterans Services Office my life has been turned upside down." 

Krause says her new boss, Lyman "Robbie" Robinson, started work in mid-March, which is when Krause says he "stared at my breasts for about five or 10 seconds while I was trying to explain what my job was in the office."

Krause says she has not been able to work for a couple months because of Robinson's behavior.

Robinson was accused of the same behavior while he headed up the Veterans Services Office in Washington County, prior to taking the same position in Goodhue County three months ago.

KSTP Reporter Jay Kolls obtained Robinson's disciplinary records from Washington County and found Robinson was given a written reprimand in 2010 when an investigation substantiated he "stared at the breasts of several female employees." 

It also indicates Robinson had been given a prior warning about his behavior but it continued, and that's why Washington County issued the written reprimand. Robinson left Washington County earlier this year and took the same job with Goodhue County.

Goodhue County Board Chairman, Ron Allen, says he is disappointed the board did not know about Robinson's disciplinary record before it voted to hire him. Allen cannot comment on the current investigation, but says, "I might have voted differently if I had known about his history a few months ago."

Allen says that as a member of the American Legion he fully supports Heidi Krause because "she has always been a good friend and has helped many veterans, including myself."

KSTP tried reaching Mr. Robinson for comment several times over the past couple of days and did not hear back from him.