MPCA: At Least 20 Wastewater Treatment Plants Release Raw Sewage

Updated: 06/03/2014 3:38 PM By: Cassie Hart

At least 20 wastewater treatment plants have released raw sewage to help prevent backups from the weekend rain, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

The sanitary sewer systems were overwhelmed from the rain and forced a number of communities to release the untreated water, according to the MPCA.

Mound released a statement that it was releasing the diluted sewage into areas near Lake Minnetonka on Sunday.

The MPCA warned even though the wastewater is diluted, it will eventually make its way into lakes and increase the chance of illness from E. coli bacteria. People are advised to stay out of the nearby lakes so they do not swallow the lake water.

The following is a list of wastewater treatment plants which released the sewage, according to the MPCA: