Business Owners Frustrated over Lake Sewage Issue

Updated: 06/04/2014 7:37 AM By: Tim Sherno

Tommy Drummond is frustrated; he owns Tommy's Tonka Trolley in Excelsior and says he's lost money because of a misunderstanding following the city of Mound's decision to close its beaches after releasing untreated sewage near Lake Minnetonka.

According to Drummond, worry over E. coli contamination has caused customers to back out of plans to paddle on the lake.

"I had over $1,500 in revenue, in reservations, canceled for future reservations for the next 3 to 4 weeks," he said, adding that would-be renters mistakenly believe that the lake is closed.

Duane Hudson, Program Manager of Environmental Health for Hennepin County, says Lake Minnetonka is tested regularly during summer months.

"Hennepin County and the beach monitoring program monitor 31 beaches in or around lake Minnetonka," Hudson said.

According to Hennepin County, nearly all beaches on Lake Minnetonka meet pollution standards, and the few that have measurement above standard are likely not related to events in Mound.

Check the status of Hennepin County beaches here.