Trucker Involved in Central Minn. Near Miss Contacts State Patrol

Updated: 06/04/2014 7:20 AM By: Cassie Hart

The driver of the semi-truck that nearly hit a girl near Paynesville has turned himself in to police.

The Minnesota State Patrol posted the update on their Facebook page late Tuesday night.

Video from inside the school bus stopped for the girl shows the semi blowing by on the shoulder, nearly hitting her.

The seventh grader, Alexis Schwartz, was waiting at the end of her driveway for the school bus to take her to school when the semi roared between her and the bus at highway speeds.

"It came out of nowhere and tried to hurt me, dust kicked up on me, I had to step back, that freaked me out and made my heart go crazy," Schwartz said.

The state patrol says the school bus had its stop arm down and safety lights flashing.

No additional details were available.