TEDx is Coming to Minneapolis

Updated: 06/06/2014 10:43 PM KSTP.com By: Brandi Powell

Many of us have listened to the inspirational TED Talks online, where leaders in their fields - who are also "big thinkers" - take the stage to share their innovative new ideas.

Next month, get ready for TEDx Hennepin Ave. It's an independently organized TED event, which ornaginzers say you won't want to miss.

The main mission of TED, is to promote ideas worth spreading.

"TEDx Hennepin Ave is a little more focused on the community," said Grant Spanier, TEDx Hennepin Ave's Creative Director.

It will be a revolutionary community coming together. "Rarely has it been that the status quo has really led us to success," said David Reiling, Sunrise Banks CEO.

Reiling, whose company is partnering with TEDx Hennepin Ave, says the Twin Cities is one of the best kept secrets for innovation. "The town has a history of innovation," Reiling said. "it still produces world shaping innovations, but in order to maintain that above average status if you will, we have to continue to grow that innovative community. Bigger thinking and leading to a bigger future is not just incremental, it's 10 times thinking, it's 10x, it's exponential."

New Century Theater is the place where you'll get to hear 5 locals talk about big ideas relating to technology, entertainment and design.

"We have people talking about technology and how that impacts Minneapolis and Minnesota, but then we also have people talking about civic issues, social issues, diversity, race, relations and those sorts of things," Spanier said.

The perfect place for 'innovation-junkies' to get an inspiring 'fix'.

The event is July 11.

Tickets for TEDx Hennepin Ave are on sale now. There are just 270 seats available.