Get Growing: It's Still Not too Late to Start Yard Work

Updated: 06/12/2014 7:32 PM By: Cassie Hart

If you haven’t gotten to your yard work yet there is still plenty of time. Home and garden guru Larry Pfarr said you can still plant grass, start garden containers and plant annuals.

When July hits, Pfarr said you will want to start fertilizing plants weekly. He said annuals, shrubs and trees can be planted up until the ground freezes.

As for evergreens, Pfarr said you should have those in the ground by no later than Oct. 1, so the roots have time to get established before a deep freeze.

To keep your lawn looking lush, Pfarr recommends keeping weeds under control and putting down grass seed which you will need to water 2-3 times a day. He also said raising your lawnmower blades will keep your lawn looking healthy. He said the longer grass the less water you have to use to keep it green.

As for bugs, Pfarr said slugs love hostas. If you notice holes in the leaves he said they are more than likely from slugs. Pfarr said you can use an organic treatment or bury a container low to the ground and put beer in there. Slugs are attracted to the beer and will fall in and drown. Pfarr said you can use any kind of beer.

As for the best time to get outside to do work, KSTP meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas said Friday is the best out of the next three days.

There are chances for rain Saturday and Sunday. However, Jonathan said Sunday looks to be the best day out of the weekend.

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