Flooding: A Look at the Metro Area's 3 Major Rivers

Updated: 06/20/2014 1:26 PM KSTP.com By: Megan Stewart

The Mississippi River with swollen river levels in St. Paul on Thursday afternoon.
The Mississippi River with swollen river levels in St. Paul on Thursday afternoon.
Photo: Photo: Facebook/Julie A. Finch

The water levels of the three major rivers running through the Twin Cities metro area will continue to rise throughout the weekend.

Rain throughout the week has poured into the Minnesota, Mississippi and St. Croix rivers. Homeowners at low points near the swollen waters have already started flood preparations, including sandbagging.

Mississippi River

The National Weather Service predicts the river will crest at 19.9 feet in St. Paul. Cresting is expected to happen Thursday, but could happen earlier. Flood stage in St. Paul is 14 feet.

St. Paul- The rising levels of the Mississippi can already be seen with St. Paul's Raspberry Island already partially underwater.

The river will continue to rise and reach minor flooding stages in St. Paul by Friday afternoon. It could reach major flooding stages as early as Sunday.

Minneapolis- Due to a trench, Minneapolis will not be affected much by rising water levels. The rain caused a hillside along the river near the University of Minnesota to collapse Thursday night, closing some roads and trails along the river.

Anoka- The National Weather Service says river levels in Anoka were around 11.85 feet as of Friday morning. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says some flooding is possible. The walkway at Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, which has seen some flooding, closed already this season for construction.

Hastings- River levels were in minor flooding stage Friday morning. They were expected to reach major flooding state by Monday afternoon. While the river is flooded at 15 feet, much of the eastern parts of the city don't see flooding until about 19 feet, which isn't expected until about Thursday.

St. Cloud- The Mississippi River is not expected to flood in St. Cloud.

Minnesota River

The Minnesota River Valley has seen flooding at various points all week. It is expected to crest on Wednesday in Savage, but could happen earlier the farther south you go.

Savage- The river was at minor flood stage as of Friday morning. The city was urging motorists to use caution, as several roads were underwater. The city's public works department will deliver sand and empty bags to residents concerned about high water levels on their property.

Jordan- Moderate flooding could be seen Friday morning. The river started flooding at 25 feet on Thursday. Water levels are expected to rise another 5 feet before cresting Tuesday. Just south of the city in Blakeley Township, a massive mudslide led to a trailer park evacuation and destroyed part of a highway.

Lilydale- Big Rivers Rivers Regional Trail closed earlier this month because the hillside gave away. It is located along the Minnesota River in Dakota County. The mudslide has also impacted Highway 13.

St. Croix River

The St. Croix, located to the east of the Twin Cities, has not been as impacted by weather and rain as the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers. The river is under no-wake restrictions.

Stillwater- While river levels have been high around downtown Stillwater for a while, the river will not reach flood stage until levels are at 87 feet, which is expected Tuesday.

The St. Croix River is expected to crest at 87.5 feet in Stillwater. This could happen by Wednesday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

St. Croix Falls- The river was not expected to flood in Polk County.