Navy Airman Comes Home For Fourth of July, Surprises Parents

Updated: 07/04/2014 7:15 PM By: Josh Rosenthal

Talk about a photo finish.

Nineteen year old Justin Boyle is a Navy rescue swimmer in training. He hasn't been home since Christmastime. His mom and dad had no idea that was about to change.

They ran the Excelsior Firecracker 5K Friday morning. As soon as they crossed the finish line, there was Justin, in uniform, waiting for them.

"I was gonna go for a run, and then do some painting around my house," dad Ed Boyle said about what he had planned to do for the Fourth of July before Justin surprised him.

Mom Dawn Boyle said, "I was telling my girlfriend Carol that the only thing that could make the day any better was to have Justin here, and there he was."

Getting Justin there, surprise intact, wasn't easy.

"I decided to play them a little bit just to have a little bit of fun," smiled Justin. He had told his parents he couldn't make it home from training, but he told his neighbors the truth. They made sure everything went according to plan.

"We have amazing friends, a wonderful neighborhood. They were all in on the surprise," Dawn said at a barbeque after the race. "Just love them dearly. They're part of our family."

"Surprising the parents is awesome. The Fourth of July is awesome. You put it together, you just get the best weekend imaginable," said Justin.

Justin has has two days at home before he heads back to training. For the record, the key words there are "at" and "home." Just ask mom.

"Two days and he's not going anywhere," she laughed.