Minnetonka Family Farm to Become Housing Development

Updated: 07/27/2014 8:16 AM KSTP.com By: Brandi Powell

One of the last farms in the west metro has been sold to a developer.

The Jondahl family in Minnetonka owned 26 acres, three houses, a couple of barns, a whole lot of animals.

Ken Jondahl and Linda Lemke grew up on the farm tending sheep, chickens and horses. They planted corn, asparagus, and berries.

Their parents were city people who were determined to live in the country. Soon, however, the city built up around them.

"We knew that when my mom and dad were gone that it would be time to sell," Lemke said.

Ron Clark Construction and Design will turn the farm, located near the 494/394 Interchange, into a 125 unit housing development. Full demolition begins Monday.

The exact plans for the new housing are still in the works, but they've released the following information:

Developers say eight acres will be open space with walking trails.