Photos, Video Deposition Released to KSTP in Ventura Defamation Trial

Updated: 09/15/2015 10:21 PM By: Cassie Hart

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura took to the internet to defend his reasons for filing a defamation lawsuit against the widow of a Navy SEAL, which he won last week. The outspoken Ventura posted the six-minute video on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS reporter Tom Hauser obtained evidence in the case, and for the first time you can see some of what the jury saw in court.

We’ve obtained pictures of Ventura from the night Chris Kyle claims he punched him, along with pictures of Ventura from the next two days.

Video of Kyle’s deposition was also obtained by KSTP, so you can hear what he had to say about that night.

Watch clips from the beginning of the six-hour long deposition:

Watch Part 1 Here: Kyle answers questions about his background and time serving overseas.

Watch Part 2 Here: Kyle answers more questions about Ventura.

Watch Part 3 Here: Kyle talks about his dislike for Ventura and the punch he claims he made on Ventura.