Maplewood Man who Shot Son over Cable TV Dispute Pleads Guilty to Murder

Updated: 08/08/2014 2:25 PM By: Jennie Olson

Photo: Photo: Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

KSTP File Photo
KSTP File Photo

A father accused of shooting and killing his son after an argument over a cable bill pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Thursday.

Eighty-four-year-old Pang Vang admitted to shooting 36-year-old Chue Vang in the head at his home in Maplewood on Monday, March 24.  

Police say Chue Vang's mother, brother and a child were inside the home at the time of the shooting. Pang Vang's wife asked him why he killed their son, and he replied, "If you are not afraid of dying then come in and bother me. If you are afraid of dying then you better run away," according to the complaint. 

Police said Pang Vang let the three hostages out of the house when officers arrived but barricaded himself inside the home. According to the criminal complaint, Pang Vang had been on the phone with his pastor shortly before the shooting, and the pastor told police Pang Vang was upset that his son would not install cable in the home.

During the standoff, an officer spoke with Pang Vang on the phone, but he told the officer he could not come out of the home because he had stabbed himself and he "wanted to die," according to the complaint.

Eventually, Pang Vang agreed to hold his hands up to a window so SWAT officers could find him in the home. He was taken to Regions Hospital where he was treated for the apparent self-inflicted stab wounds.

Chue Vang was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pang Vang is scheduled to be sentenced in October.