St. Paul Mayor Hopes for 'Smoother Ride' in 2015

Updated: 08/13/2014 7:43 PM By: Tom Hauser

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman heard your complaints about city streets and he's doing something about it.  In fact, his plan to fix St. Paul's worst streets is one of the centerpieces of his new budget proposal.

"No one in this city is satisfied with the conditions of our main roads," Coleman acknowledged in his budget address on Wednesday. "For some of our streets no amount of patching potholes or even a full re-paving will make much of a long-term difference."

Coleman says the city has identified a "Terrible 20" list of the worst sections of road. Through a variety of sources he's come up with $54 million in funds for street repairs and maintenance in the short term. 

However, Coleman is also working with other mayors on a statewide solution to deteriorating city streets that are difficult to maintain without big increases in property taxes.

Last winter's harsh conditions put the spotlight on road conditions in St. Paul and throughout the metro area.