COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: 'Madden 15' Review

Created: 08/26/2014 9:11 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Photo: Photo courtesy of EA Sports

Over the past few years I have become a huge fan of EA Sports and all of their games.

EA Sports releases the best sports games in my opinion and each one looks and plays better than the previous game

This past week, I received a review copy of EA Sport’s “Madden 15” for the PS4 and I am still in awe from playing it. It looks absolutely amazing and the game play has been improved plus there are so many different game modes that “Madden 15” will keep players busy for a long time.

“Madden” is a very popular sports series and people really get excited every year about the upcoming new “Madden” title. They are not going to believe how awesome “Madden 15” is.

“Madden 15” is by far the best “Madden” game yet and I know people will agree with me once they play it.

The graphics are phenomenal. The players look so realistic, you would swear you were watching a live action NFL game. 

Sometimes when you are playing “Madden 15,” real video segments will pop up in the bottom corner of the screen with the game going on in the background. The video and game graphics look very similar and it’s hard to tell between the two. 

The stadiums and crowds also look great. The team I chose to play as was the Minnesota Vikings, of course. When you play a home game you are in the TCF Stadium and you can actually see the skyline of Minneapolis. I thought that was a nice touch.

There have been new camera angles added, so you can get a better point of view of the game. You can now see plays from the defensive perspective, which I thought was cool.

The game play in “Madden 15” has been upgraded to make it the most realistic NFL game ever. Some of the upgrades include:

I really thought the controls were very easy to learn in “Madden 15” and when you first start playing you can go through a series of tutorials that really explain how to play “Madden 15” very well.

The instructions and explanations are very well written and make sense, even to someone like me who hasn’t played many NFL games.

Another thing I thought was very helpful was that you can select many different options to pick your plays. For example if you are a player like me and you don’t know what would be a good play to do in a situation, you can choose the “Coach Selection” and the best play is chosen for you. Or if you are an advanced player you can choose the play yourself from hundreds of different plays in your team’s playbook.

There are so many different game modes that you can play and they are all very fun and challenging.

Some of the modes are:

My favorite mode of course is the “Connected Franchise.” Here you can choose to be in charge of a player, coach and owner and your goal is to take your team to the Super Bowl and win. 

One of the new features with “Connected Franchise” mode is that now the players have a confidence level. The number ranges from 1 to 99. You want to try and get your confidence to as close as 99 by winning games. The number will decrease if you go on a bad losing streak.

Another mode that I really thought was cool was the “Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).”  This is gives players one of the greatest Fantasy Football experiences ever. There are many objectives that you must complete such as buying a player’s pack or selling a player and when you do this you will gain a reward pack with new players, stadiums, playbooks, and uniforms.   

Your goal with the “Madden Ultimate Team” is to try and build the best team with some of the greatest players of all time. You get the players buy buying booster packs that contain the players. The neat thing is that you don’t know who is in the packs so it’s a surprise every time you open one. 

Then you can take your “Madden Ultimate Team” and compete against the computer, friends or online against players from all over the world to see who has the best team. I thought that this was extremely fun and I know people are really going to enjoy it.

The play by play is announced by Phil Simms and Jim Nantz and they sound great. I have been playing “Madden 15” for over a week and I don’t think I’ve heard them say the same thing twice. They actually appear in the game and look amazing.

Larry Ridley also makes an appearance in “Madden 15.” There is a brand new halftime show that features Larry Ridley and he goes over the highlights of the game so far, which I think is amazing.  He calls out specific plays and is very entertaining. He also does a pre-game segment that is also great.

I didn’t get a chance to play online, because I got an early review copy. I tried to go online several times to find a game, but I was not able to because not many people had the game yet.

Overall I really think that EA Sport’s “Madden 15” is one of the greatest NFL games ever.  The graphics will blow you away because of how the players and stadiums look so realistic.

The game play has been improved to make your “Madden 15” experience unforgettable, such as more passing varieties, you can tighten the zones better, and a new tackle cone is present so you can see where your player is going to go.

The “Connected Franchise” and “Madden Ultimate Team” are extremely fun to play.  There are so many different modes and things to do in “Madden 15” that will keep people entertained until the next “Madden” game comes out.

If you are a fan of NFL or of the “Madden” series, then I would highly recommend that you check out “Madden 15.” This is a must have for any “Madden” fan.

“Madden 15” is rated “E” for everyone

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