Frequently Asked Questions: Old Film / Video?

Q. Can I obtain old news film/video?

A. To the surprise of many, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS original news film is the only remaining local television news history in the region!

This represents over fifty years of news coverage (3,000,000feet of film!) captured by television cameras – a precious and rare collection!

To best preserve this fragile history, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS donated its original news film (circa 1948 - 1980) to the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul (home of the Minnesota Historical Society).

The collection is in the process of being cleaned, spliced, and indexed so that in the years to come the public will be able to access the archive.

For a progress report on the project, please contact the Minnesota History Center's Curator of Sound Visual Collections at 651-296-6126.

Click here for the Minnesota History Center web site.