Adopt Georgie

Posted at: 11/01/2017 1:46 PM
Updated at: 11/01/2017 3:46 PM

Ali Jarvis from the dog-friendly resource, stopped by to help Georgie the Golden Retriever find a forever home. Sidewalk Dog Media is the number one resource for Minnesota dog lovers and a leading advocate for MN dogs in need. Subscribe to their newsletter and sniff them out on Facebook and Instagram.

This month's adoptable dog is Danny Boy (he goes by George/Georgie) from Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM). Danny Boy (Georgie) is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever. He spent his life as a commercial breeding dog and was kept in a kennel most of the time.  He is a very sweet mellow boy who has come such a long way from not being able to stand up straight due to a crate that was too small. He walks well on a leash, plays nicely with other dogs, and LOVES food. His bio and photo are attached.

Adoption fee is $400.  Link to dog’s adoption page.
Required: Family must have another confident dog committed to continuing his weight loss through exercise and diet.Crate-trained: He cannot be in a crate. He has a bad reaction! He does respect baby gates.


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