Animal Allies: Benji

Posted at: 09/13/2012 7:47 AM

Fans of the old movie "Benji" might have a soft spot for the dog that stopped by Good Morning Northland on Thursday.

Sarah Ojard from Animal Allies came on with Benji, a miniture Shih Tsu-Poodle mix. He did have a previous owner, Ojard said. So there is some background information available at the shelter.

Benji also showed off some tricks. Benji was able to sit and lay down on command.

Later this month, Animal Allies will be holding an event at Petco in Duluth. Ojard said that dogs will have a $50 off their adoption fee and cats have no fee adoptions.

In October, the big Furball fundraiser takes place. Ojard said tickets for that will be available soon.

You can check out www.animalallies.net for tickets to that or for more information on Benji and other pets that are available. You can also like them on Facebook.