Animal Allies: Buddie & Cassie

Posted at: 10/04/2012 8:11 AM

Good things come in pairs. Especially when it comes to the two pups that stopped by Good Morning Northland.

Sarah Ojard from Animal Allies stopped by Thursday with a pair of dogs that have spent their entire lives together. Buddie and Cassie are looking for a home together.

Buddie and Cassie do have to be adopted together, Ojard said. The two came into Animal Allies as strays together, and did have a previous owner, who said they are house trained.

One incentive to bring this doggie duo home is a discounted adoption fee. Ojard said for the month of October, Animal Allies is offering $25 off adoption fees.

Later this month, Animal Allies will hold its Furball event at the Northland Country Club. More details on that event or on Buddie and Cassie are available at www.animalallies.net or you can like them on Facebook.