Horror Movie Character Cage Match: the Supernatural Entities of Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister

Updated at: 10/12/2012 11:41 AM
By: Reelz Channel

This October, horror movie fans get not one, but two supernatural horror movies to enjoy — the upcoming sequel Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister. While horror fans are accustomed to flesh-and-blood killers like Friday the 13th's Jason and Halloween's Michael Myers (or, maybe not, considering they don't die very easily), both Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4 represent the current shift in horror medium to the supernatural, due, in no small part, to the success of the Paranormal Activity franchise. Movie fans have already seen what can happen between a masked psychopath like Jason going up against a supernatural killer like Freddy in 2003's Freddy vs. Jason (sorry for the reminder), but what about the supernatural vs. the supernatural? With both Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4 fighting for box office dominance this month, we decided to see which of the two supernatural entities was best — Sinister's soul-eating Bagul or Paranormal Activity's demon. Prepare your vote for a Pagan cage match!