Poplar Hunting Expo

Posted at: 10/23/2012 6:24 PM
Updated at: 10/24/2012 10:43 PM
By: Laura Kennedy

Hundreds of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts filled the Mission Covenant Church in Poplar last weekend. Some were looking at hunting gear, while others came for the good eats.

"The food we serve includes venison, bear and beef," said Don Jamison, a volunteer. "It's all mixed together and people really like coming here."

This was the 16th annual hunting expo. Conservation Warden Brad Biser says it's exciting to see sportsmen and women gearing up for the deer season.

"It's an opportunity to bring sports people together to share stories, grab a bite to eat and see some of the great booths they have here," Biser said.

It also gives families a chance to bond over their mutual interest in hunting. 10-year-old Jessica Shaver has already bagged some deer with her dad, Brian, as part of the Wisconsin's mentored hunting program.

"I got to shoot a doe at 7:30 in the morning on my first day of hunting," Jessica said.

"It took me five years to get three deer. It took my daughter a day and a half," Brian said. "As a parent, it was a wonderful thing to be out there with her doing that."

The Shavers are looking to expand their hunting arsenal, and the expo had plenty of firearms and bows to consider.

"It's wonderful having a child who's as enthused about it as I am," Brian said. "Especially now that we're looking at getting into bow hunting together."

Hunting has long been a Northland tradition, and these folks have turned it into a Poplar community tradition too.