Moose Lake Willow River Rebels

Posted at: 10/29/2012 10:41 PM
Updated at: 08/26/2013 7:24 PM
By: Laura Kennedy

From day one, Rebels head coach Dave Louzek has been grooming his team for postseason glory.

"All those extra games, if kids aren't ready for all that, the wear and tear, it can be a long season," Louzek said. "Everything is geared toward playoffs as far as this program goes."

Moose Lake Willow River is outscoring opponents almost four to one. Quarterback Tony Adamczak and running back Jake Disterhaupt credit their teammates.

"Our offensive line has been really good," Adamczak said. "Giving me a lot of time, making some great running lanes. It's been good."

"Every play starts with the snap of the ball," Disterhaupt said. "The center and the linemen, they make the holes for the running backs to just have the easy job."

Senior lineman Jake Christopherson also leads a defense who posted back-to-back shutouts in recent weeks.

"Sometimes it's not the most glorious position because we're not out there scoring touchdowns," Christopherson said. "But it's a great group of guys. I'm really priveliged to have the talent with me on the line."

At 10-0, the Rebels are gelling in all aspects of their game, but they hope to play their best football in the coming weeks.

"If we peak now, you can only stay at the peak and then eventually you'll decline," Disterhaupt said. "We're still climbing that mountain."

To earn a return trip to state, Moose Lake Willow River will have to get past two seed Duluth Marshall in Wednesday's section championship.

"They're very physical, they don't make a lot of mistakes," Louzek said. "Perfect team to see in a section final, should be a great game."

From here on out, Disterhaupt and the Rebels will prepare for every game like it's the state championship.

"We know that in the postseason, you can't take anyone lightly," Disterhaupt said.

"Don't have any regrets," Christopherson said. "I'll put it all out there for these guys just like I'd hope they would put it all out there for me."

After a second place finish at state last year, these seniors want nothing more than to be number one.