Minn. Hunters Kill 50 Wolves in Opening Weekend

Posted at: 11/04/2012 1:06 PM
Updated at: 11/05/2012 11:53 AM
By: Associated Press & WDIO Staff

Minnesotan wolf hunters have reached more than a tenth of the target harvest for the animal, only two days after the season started.

The early season started Saturday, and 32 wolves were killed by that evening. By Sunday night, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource's website reported that 50 wolves had been killed. A total of 3,600 licenses were issued for the early wolf season.

The DNR says that it will close down the East-central Zone after shooting hours on Monday. Hunters had killed 8 wolves in the zone by Sunday night. The target harvest for that zone is 9 wolves.

The Northeast and Northwest Zones will remain open, however, and have much larger target harvests. The Northeast target harvest is 58; the Northwest target harvest is 133.

The total target harvest for the early season is 200. The total target harvest for the second hunting and trapping season is also 200. That season begins Nov. 24th.

The region's wolves came off the endangered list last January.

Opponents of the wolf hunt were upset that any wolves were killed. Maureen Hackett of Howling for Wolves says if people understood how much the animals meant to Native Americans, they wouldn't participate in the hunt.

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