Duluth Election Judge Asks for ID of Registered Voters

Posted at: 11/07/2012 1:00 AM
Updated at: 11/07/2012 1:03 AM

The state of Minnesota tackled the issue of voter identification on Tuesday, but one Duluth voting precinct faced some confusing over whether to ask for I.D. ahead of time.

A group of voters were raising their eyebrows during Tuesday's election at Precinct 14, the First Lutheran Church in Duluth, when an election judge asked for identification from two already registered voters.

Registered voters are not required to show any form of ID. That's when voter Jessie Campbell spoke up, saying that wasn't true. The incident prompted Campbell to call in a complaint.

"It certainly leaves an odd taste in your mouth, and leaves you feeling just a little bit uneasy. If this is happening in my backyard, you know, on what scale is this sort of thing happening?" she said.

Duluth City Clerk Jeff Cox said he made a site visit to correct the problem. He said the election judge was new, and was confused because of the voter ID amendment on Tuesday's ballot this year.

Cox said he went over the issue with the judge, who was allowed to continue working at the precinct on Tuesday.

Early returns after midnight on Wednesday showed the voter ID amendment question in a neck-and-neck tie. And results might not be clear until later on Wednesday morning. The city of Minneapolis says voting machines in a small number of its precincts are experiencing mechanical issues, causing ballots the be counted by hand and delaying a final total.

Minneapolis City Clerk Casey Carl says the issue is affecting about 10 of the city's 117 precincts, and said every ballot will be counted.

He said the issue was first reported in one precinct at about 8 a.m., and seemed to be an anomaly. Other precincts began calling in with similar issues at about 9:30 or 10 a.m.

The city was still working to resolve the problem by midday.

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