Klobuchar Wins 2nd Senate Term

Posted at: 11/07/2012 10:45 AM


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar has won a second term.

Klobuchar beat state Rep. Kurt Bills and a third-party candidate in a race that was never seen as close.

Klobuchar's popularity, name recognition and big campaign fund kept big-name Republicans from stepping forward to challenge her.

Bills, a high school economics teacher and first-term state lawmaker, rode support from Ron Paul backers to become his party's nominee. But he had so little money he couldn't mount a major TV presence.

Klobuchar, a former county prosecutor, ran hard anyway. She played up several pieces of legislation she worked on with Republicans as evidence of her bipartisanship.

Bills urges stronger state GOP unity after loss

Kurt Bills says Republicans will "win this state down the road," despite his landslide loss to Klobuchar.  In his concession speech, Bills called Klobuchar "one of the toughest senators" to beat.

Bills is a state representative from Rosemount and a high school economics teacher. He promised to be in his first hour class on Wednesday, proclaiming that "Republicans don't take days off."

Exit polls showed nearly one-fourth of Republicans didn't back Bills in the race.

Klobuchar said she won with hard work, optimism a forward-looking approach.

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