Travis Dill

Travis DillReporter

Travis grew up in Big Lake, Minnesota and arrived at Eyewitness News in September via UMD.

He studied Journalism and English and spent most of his free time working for UMD’s student paper, The Statesman. He reported on everything ranging from the crime beat to music acts playing around town.

“My time at the Statesman helped me learn the skills needed for newsgathering and develop a passion to get information out to the public,” Travis said.

Before college, Travis was already familiar with the Northland, spending a good part of his childhood fishing for walleyes on Island Lake.

“My grandparents lived on Island Lake for several years and took me all over the Northland,” Travis said. “I have fond memories of those days and now I am excited to call the region home as I report the news,” Travis added.

In his free time Travis often finds himself indoors—drawn to technology.

“I love figuring out new tech devices, relaxing at my computer on days off, and even playing board games with friends when we get a chance.” Travis said.

But Travis is always up for an adventure, so if you have a story idea, don’t hesitate to call or drop him an email at tdill@wdio.com.

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