Big Grant Will Help Northland Flood Recovery

Posted at: 11/11/2012 5:01 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

A big announcement Sunday about an outside grant which will help Northland flood victims. The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation received $500,000 from the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation for flood relief.

Foundation President Holly Sampson said it's the biggest outside donation the area has received sine that June flood. An large accomplishment she is proud to bring to people in need.

"We're just thrilled," Sampson said. "(We're) so excited and so grateful to the Margaret Cargill Foundation for supporting the Community Foundation's work."

The money will help fund three things in the Northland. It will help disaster case managers from Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, unmet needs reported by the Long-Term Recovery Committee and non-profits that suffered property damage.

If you need help with flood recovery efforts, individuals can contact Disaster Case Managers at (218) 449-9480. Businesses can contact the Northland Foundation at (218) 723-4040. Non-profit organizations can contact the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation at (218) 726-0232.