Amsoil Race Team Promotes Science and Technology

Posted at: 11/15/2012 5:28 PM
Updated at: 11/15/2012 8:21 PM
By: Travis Dill

Thousands of snocross fans will head to Spirit Mountain next weekend for three days of snowmobile racing, but before the engines rev the racing team is making a stop at the Two Harbors High School.

“I love snowmobiling. I love stuff with motors and it just interests me so I think it's really cool to see them here,” Two Harbors Junior Tyler Schramm said.

Dozens of students requested hall passes to see the sleds, but they weren't just cutting class. Owner Steve Scheuring said the event is educational.

“We do school visits to showcase the technology that our team has within the snowmobiles and how we do the tuning...” Scheuring said.

The competition is intense so his team uses GPS and sophisticated computer programs to determine what adjustments a sled needs.

Scheuring said this technology is used in many trades and it helps students find direction.

“We really want to showcase what's available out there and true opportunities and hopefully help kids make a plan in life so they succeed,” Scheuring said.

The team also gives out a $200 scholarship at each school that they visit. Russel Nelson was the lucky student in Two Harbors.

He said he will move on to study mechanics at WITC, but he was nearly speechless after receiving the award.

Many of the students are snocross fans so being able to climb into the professional race trailer was really special for them.