Students Carve a New Trail at Lincoln Park Middle School

Posted at: 11/16/2012 6:47 PM
By: Travis Dill

Parents might have a hard time getting kids to do chores at home, but on Friday Lincoln Park Middle School Students are excited to help carve a trail to their school.

James Gittemeier, Transportion Planner for the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council, was there to lead the project.

“Right now there's a lot of use to this trail actually. People are using it. Students that come from school actually have been using a path through here and so we're formalizing that and actually making it something that they're encouraged to do,” Gittemeier said.

And to do that they cleared brush, trimmed trees and even built a retaining wall to level out the path.

Gittemeier was happy the students volunteered.

“Getting the students involved on something that directly impacts their school and helps to make it easier to get to school is to me a wonderful thing,” Gittemeier said.

About 20 students were out on the corner of Devonshire St. and Atlantic Ave. working up a sweat. Improving the trail was important to them.

“I usually walk out here with my friends and stuff. It's pretty hard to walk through these woods,” Lincoln Middle School student Joseph Carter said.

“Up here the hill is really steep so we're trying to make it better to walk up,” Carter said.

And school let out early on Friday, but the students were willing to volunteer their extra time to help out the community.

The students even stumbled onto a skunk on the trail, but thankfully no one was sprayed.