Calories and Your Drinks

Posted at: 11/19/2012 5:05 PM
Updated at: 11/19/2012 5:31 PM

Once the holiday season starts, many of us overdo it a bit when it comes to eating and drinking alcohol. Did you ever wonder how many calories in your diet come from booze? ABC's Dr. Timothy Johnson has more.

On a typical day, one third of men and 18% of women consume calories from alcoholic beverages.

A study from the National Health and Nutrition Survey finds that American adults get almost as many empty calories from alcohol as they do from soft drinks.

Soda and other sweetened beverages are already the heavies in campaigns against obesity, and nearly 20% of men and 6% of women take in about 300 calories per day from alcohol.

That's - two or more twelve-ounce beers - more than two and a half glasses of wine (or) - more than four and a half ounces of liquor.

Men take in more calories from alcohol than women, and younger adults more calories than older adults. Beer is the biggest single source of alcoholic calories in men.

So when someone asks "who's counting?" -- Remember to keep track of calories, not just drinks.