Gavin and Evan's Food Drive

Posted at: 12/04/2012 10:34 AM
Updated at: 12/04/2012 6:21 PM
By: Ben Dery

Gavin and Evan Bulthuis are your typical 9 and 6 year olds. They enjoy sports and having fun. But, these Duluth boys are inspiring others to help make a difference in the lives of Northland families in need. For the past four years, Gavin and Evan Bulthuis have operated their very own food drive right out of their home.

Every summer since 2009, the boys write a letter delivered to neighbors, family members and friends. In the letter, they boys address hunger noting some families don't always have the means for their next meal, and to help by donating money or food. The boys collect donations in their basement all summer long before bringing everything to the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank in October.

"I'm very proud of them," says the boy's mother, Kari. "They have this passion to help other people. And to them, it's nothing out of the ordinary."

It all started when the family was out shopping for school supplies.

"I explained to (Gavin) that not everyone has enough money or food to eat," says Kari. "He asked, 'why not?' and 'how can we help?'. It's really just evolved from there."

Since the project began, the boys have raised enough money and food to generate over 35,000 meals for Northland families. They boys say it'll be part of their family tradition for years to come.

"It makes me feel good knowing people will have something to eat," explains Gavin. "Thank you very much to everybody who donated!"

A Facebook page has been set up to aid in the donation process: