Cook Co. Prosecutor Ordered to Stay Away from Teen

Posted at: 12/06/2012 1:39 PM
Updated at: 12/07/2012 7:27 PM
By: Alan Hoglund

nullThe victim of a courthouse shooting in December 2011 is now the subject of a restraining order. Tim Scannell has been ordered to stay away from a 17-year-old girl from Grand Marais.

In the request for that restraining order, the family says they fear for their daughter's safety. In court documents filed Tuesday, December 4, the family said Scannell was a longtime family friend, who told them in September that he had fallen in love with their daughter.

In a conversation with the girl's mother found in the request for the restraining order, Scannell said "their relationship became physical over the summer, with 'kissing and touching, but nothing illegal.'"

The court documents say Scannell then read love poetry that he had sent the woman's daughter, and told her that they had talked about having children together someday, but decided he would be too old.

The request for the restraining order includes text messages allegedly sent that same night from Scannell to the girl's mother. One text message included in the documents says "I am so sorry. I will not talk to [her] again. Please take care of her. She's not gonna understand. I know I f***** everything up. I'm sorry. She won't want anyone to know. Please take care of her. Please."

According to the court documents, the family says their daughter went to Europe for a high school semester trip, and Scannell went to Arizona for psychological trauma treatment. In the documents, the family said they thought Scannell wouldn't have access to a cell phone or their daughter, but the daughter's host mother told the family "communication from Tim has been ongoing from August until the present."

The documents say that once the family found out, they "immediately arranged for their daughter to shorten her study abroad and return home early...so that we could monitor her more closely and get her into treatment."

Near the end of the request for the restraining order, the family wrote "obviously he [Scannell] cannot be trusted and we have no idea what he is capable of at this point. We fear for our daughter's safety, her physical and emotional well-being, and her future. We feel there is a significant potential hazard to [our daughter] as well as the rest of our family if Tim is not prohibited from access to our daughter or our family. We cannot over-estimate the emotional toll this situation has taken on our family."

While the request for the restraining order was filed in Cook County on Tuesday, court administration tells Eyewitness News the matter is being handled in Lake County.

Eyewitness News put in calls to Scannell and the girl's family, but they did not immediately respond. However, Scannell's attorney made a statement Thursday afternoon, saying the prosecutor regrets the pain he's caused, but he's committed no crime and did not engage in "sexual conduct" with the teen.

Scannell and another man were shot by Daniel Schlienz last December after a jury found him guilty of having sex with a minor.