Protest Staged Over Bentleyville Preachers

Posted at: 12/08/2012 10:59 PM
By: Zach Hammer

Coming on the heels of a recent court decision that allowed two preachers full access to Bentleyville, a protest is staged.

A few people gathered at the entrance to the annual holiday light display on Saturday evening. They held signs urging Bentleyville guests to "ignore the preachers," and "keep Bentleyville in Duluth."  

"They [Bentleyville] have been here for so long, I would hate to see them leave because of preaching," said Kyle Hedquist, one of the protestors. "This needs to be more about the kids and the lights."

The District Court decision has the Bentleyville founder questioning the future of the Tour of Lights.

At the end of the season the Bentleyville team will decide "whether or not we want to deal with it or not deal with it," said Nathan Bentley yesterday.

Bentley also said that his team will analyze attendance, disruptions, and nuisances before any decision is reached.