Bentleyville: Mayor Takes Stand; Gets National Spotlight

Posted at: 12/11/2012 11:06 PM
Updated at: 12/11/2012 11:07 PM
By: Dayna Landgrebe

Duluth's Mayor has taken a stand on the future of the popular Bentleyville attraction, asking folks to speak out in support of it.

On Tuesday, Mayor Don Ness posted to his Facebook page, saying that, "working with Nathan [Bentley] to bring Bentleyville to Bayfront has been one of the most rewarding projects during my time in office," Ness wrote. "We will continue to do everything we can to keep Bentleyville in Duluth."

The winter event has come under controversy after a recent court decision last week, allowing two religious preachers full access to the annual event. The move has left founder, Bentley, questioning what the future of the light display might turn into.

Ness encouraged his Facebook friends to 'like' his status and comment on their support to Bentley. As of Tuesday night, more than 650 people had liked the status with 150 more leaving comments.

National Attention

Bentleyville's Tour of Lights also found some national attention Tuesday night after being featured on World News With Diane Sawyer.

The ABC network anchor closed out the show with a mention of a post card look from their ABC affiliate, WDIO-TV, and a shot of the creation, founded by Bentley.

Sawyer even takes a moment to recommend the onion rings at Grandma's restaurant.