Park Point Fire Hall to Become Couple's Home

Posted at: 12/14/2012 5:30 PM
Updated at: 12/14/2012 6:18 PM
By: Travis Dill

The Park Point Fire Hall closed this summer despite criticism from residents and Duluth city councilors, but the city sold the property to the highest bidder on Friday.

Bob and Laura Goewey won the auction Friday for old Fire Hall No. 5. The final bid came in at $235,000. They plan to make repairs, renovate and then live in the small building next to Lake Superior.

But they won't be moving far. The couple has lived in Park Point for eight years.

“We live on the 3600 block of Park Point right now and love the point and would hate to ever move off the point so this is a perfect fit,” Laura Goewey said.

The purchase must be approved by the Duluth City Council, but that doesn't worry the Goeweys.

“I think we are fitting in the guidelines that they were looking for someone that wanted to put something back into the building and not just level the lot and have another big house on Park Point. We'd like to see it just the way it is, and maybe better looking,” Bob Goewey said.

Some residents opposed the closing of the fire hall in July for safety reasons, but the Goeweys are confident in the city's decision.

They are optimistic about their vision for the fire hall.

“I just want to make the property into what it should be another nice building on Park Point,” Bob Goewey said.

And the purchase was extra special to the couple for another reason.

“The fact that my grandpa was a fireman back in 1913 for Duluth,” Laura Goewey said.

And the Goeweys said they would hold an open house at their new home after the renovations are complete.